Think Pink (New Design) Bath Bomb 

If you’re a long term lushie, think pink would remind you of a little pink bath bomb, with three flowers on top, spills out heart confetti and smells like lavender. Low and behold, Lush have decided for this to get a fresh new look.

Think Pink is now a full sized bath bomb, with an elegant design. The scent still appears as strong as ever. 

First impressions, you’ll be thinking pink more than Audrey Hepburn with its strong glittery colour. It’s amazing scent is created with Lavender, Tonka, Vanilla and Neroli. Recently, the Mother’s Day range has created a new shower Jelly called Pink Custard, with the exact same scent! Lavender and Tonka mixed would make one think “TWILIGHT” – however it’s not, it’s far more stronger on the lavender side and the neroli I believe enhances this. Twilight is far more of a sweet scent, and doesn’t contain neroli. 

Popping this one into a nice hot bath, it starts to fizz quickly, the lavender becoming stronger and different shades of pink emerging to form pretty patterns. 

The bath bomb very quickly started to bubble up, it looked like some kind of underwater sea rock.

Once the fizzing process had really started to commence; the bath art was extremely pretty, pink, silver white. And you were taken away in a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere, leaving you feeling prettier in pink than Molly Ringwald. 

The verdict: old design or new design? Both have their strong points, the original Think Pink was a cheaper option,  good for those with little pocket money and were wanting a bath treat. Cutely designed and containing a nice surprise in the middle. But honestly the new one offers far more in my opinion, it’s bigger, stronger in scent and gives off exceptional bath art. When they do officially launch this, I hope they do replace the old one also with another small sized bath bomb, as when it goes there will only be Butterball and Ickle Baby Bot. 

This for me is a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Definitely cannot wait for this to be launched and looking forward to enjoying more Baths with it! 

What were your thoughts on the New Think Pink? 

Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb 

One of the cutest bath bombs available at the Summit. Yellow Submarine smells to me like piña colada, coconut and fruity. It’s designed exactly like a submarine, being yellow in colour with a fragile pink rudder on the back. 

Mine was quite battered and dusty, and I’m not surprised because it’s a very fragile ballistic. Despite this, it still presented itself well and I was looking forward to taking this bath. 

Popping it in, it immediately exploded with puffy foam, and dissolved away slowly. It bobbed in the water and this was wonderful to watch, would be a great one for kids as they can watch it fizz away but float in the water like it’s a real Submarine! 

It did dissolve away very slowly so it was enjoyable to watch the bath water turn from clear to a light orange colour. Pink spurting from the rudder and making beautiful bath art. The colours reminded me of never mind the ballistics and over and over, but not so much on the pink colour! 

The scent after a while I stopped noticing as much. However after the bath its lingered on my skin. It’s feeling a little smooth but not as smooth as other ballistics. 

It’s not often I feel that a bath bomb deserves a 5 out of 5 rating, even if some of the factors aren’t on top. But, its design, its show, its scent, I am so in love with it. And this is one I really want to see in stores! Because it’s so delicate and so crumbly it’ll be interesting to see if they try to improve this but due to its unique shape it’ll be difficult to achieve this!

Most of the Summit Bath Bombs I have very little information on so I’m hoping that I can continuously update the posts to include full ingredients lists and other interesting information. As I’ve already stated, a definite 5 out of 5 from me, even if it has room for improvement it’s already impressed me enough already!

It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts by leaving a comment. Is this your favourite? And would you like it to join the regular range in all stores?

Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb 

Think it’s time I started publishing reviews and information on products themselves.

I was very lucky to be able to attend the Lush Summit 2017. There was a range of bath bombs available at the Summit exclusively. 

One of which was the Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb.

There is so very little information currently on this ballistic so you have to search and dig around for it. 

The ballistic is a play on a very classical myth in the U.K., placing a Buttercup under someone’s chin would determine whether they liked butter. This apparently in fact reflects yellow light. I haven’t tried it myself. 

Ingredients include Lemon Myrtle Oil, which is known more commonly as an antiseptic. The lemon is the strongest element, and is very refreshing and uplifting. Something I would want to use when I was feeling unwell or tired. To contribute with the uplifting elements, it contains neroli oil also, a very popular oil used in Lush products. An example being the Frozen Bath Bomb. There is also Lime Oil which enhances those zesty and refreshing tones. 

Design wise it is a regular sized ballistic, bright yellow in colour and has blue cornflowers delicately placed on top. It certainly looks different to the other ballistics Lush offer so will definitely attract attention if it came in store. In the middle harbours a pink, peachy colour which is a nice surprise. 

It’s a fast fizzer, the bath will start to turn yellow almost immediately, with the delicate blue cornflowers floating off. The zesty and refreshing scent becomes stronger and really knocks you back, which would be fantastic at subsiding tiredness and symptoms of illness. Not long after, it reveals the peachy pink core which fizzes away a little slower than its outer shell. The core was a surprise as I was only expecting just a plain yellow ballistic. The final water colour is a golden yellow colour, almost like honey. 

The bath bomb is very oily, it’s moisturising but you will feel the oiliness on your skin. The speckles of oil in the water are noticeable and almost looks like lustre. This factor may not be favourable with some people. And, this certainly wouldn’t need to be paired with any other bath oils as personally I would feel that would be far too much. I am not so keen on how oily the bath is and hope they take this into consideration if they are going to release it into stores. 

This blog post will be updated the more information is released. If I had to rate this currently it would be 3 out of 5. Design and scent are there! However the oiliness is a little too much, keep it in but minimise it so it doesn’t feel like you’re actually Bathing in real Butter! I will be putting together a demo and shortened review on my Instagram very soon. It’s the same name as my blog so look out for the that!

Lush Love and Kisses Gift Set

Hello all!

Been far too long since my last post. I have some motivation to compose something else, so here goes!

I snapped up one of the Valentine’s gift sets considerably below RRP. I don’t usually buy gift sets as I don’t think they’re very good value for money and would only buy them for a special someone. But I couldn’t pass up this rare opportunity. 

The gift set I purchased was the Love and Kisses Gift Set.

It’s one of Lush’s oblong shaped sets, this one packaged in a beautiful pink, rose covered paper and finished off with a silky pink ribbon. It usually retails for £24.95 in the U.K.

I absolutely adore its design. I will admit it isn’t usually a gift set I would go for. The reason being it doesn’t contain any bath bombs or bubble bars, the things I like most in gift sets. That aside though, it contains four products from the Valentine’s Range.

Love Spell Massage Bar

Love Spell Massage Bar made an appearance last year but was only limited to Lush Oxford St so many people missed out on it. However this year it was introduced into all stores. This is my joint first massage bar (I got a kitchen one in an order that arrived the same day as this). Usually retailing for £5.95, it’s pink with hearts on the top. It contains Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Syrup, Carnation Absolute, Organic Jojoba Oil and Neroli Oil. The scent on first impression I was unsure on but it’s grown on me. I haven’t used this properly but from the small bit I used, it was extremely softening and moisturising! Looking forward to using this properly and sharing a full review! 

The Kiss Lip Scrub

You won’t hear me say this often, but this is a product I really don’t like. This has been a Valentine’s staple at Lush for a few years. I always thought it was Strawberry scented but in fact there’s no Strawberry in it! It actually contains Sicilian Mandarin Oil and Almond Essential Oil, as well as Safflower Oil and Fine Sea Salt (main reason I don’t like it). Within the pink sugary scrub contains edible pink hearts. To me the bitter salty aftertaste that comes after the sweetness really didn’t work with me. You may wonder why I purchased a gift set with this in but I wanted the other three products. I’m planning on selling this to a good lushie home who will enjoy it! While I don’t personally like it, it’s quite popular! 

Love you, Love you lots Soap

This is a new addition to the Valentine’s Range this year. This soap is pink with red writing or red with pink writing. In store, it’s designed like a spinner, a play on the they love me they love me not activity. The pink says Love You in red and the red says Love You Lots in pink. In gift sets, you get a 120g pink chunk with the word Love on it in red. This soap is heavily rose based with Rose Petal Infusion, Rose Oil and Rose Syrup. As well as Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil combined too. It’s a beautiful smelling soap, and from what I’ve seen a very good one too. I haven’t used mine yet but cannot wait too! While I don’t think it’ll make a return next year as Valentine’s soaps typically only stick around for one year, I hope everyone who wants to try it gets too. It typically retailed at £4.25 per 100g.

Prince Charming Shower Cream

Another Valentine’s Staple, Prince Charming returns yet again in the shower cream form. This year it was lighter in colour (if you’ve seen pictures, the colour has been many shades this year, perks of the products being made fresh) from last year and is also now self preserving! This Shower Cream contains Marshmallow Root, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Grapefruit Oil and Fresh Pomegranate Juice. It is typically described as smelling like Turkish delight. I love this shower cream, it’s so moisturising and leaves your skin smelling amazing. It also produces a nice array of bubbles if using it as bubble bath. I’m yet to use the SP version so I don’t know how it’s going to compare. I have seen people noticing a slight change in scent but I’m still yet to compare them both together.  It was slightly more expensive this year, retailing at £5.50 for 100g, £10.95 for 250g, £18.50 for 500g and £32.95 for 1kg. 

Overall, this gift set is a lovely arrangement of products from the Valentine’s Range. It’s more focused around the shower and skin care instead of bath based. This would have been best for those who don’t like baths or wanted a change from bath products. With its beautiful design as well it would be a wonderful surprise for any lucky person receiving it. 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. And I hope to upload more frequently. I will be sure to publish full reviews on any of these products if anyone would like to see them. I want to know if any of these products are your favourites or whether you received this gift set from a special someone! 

Happy Bathing


Lush Valentines Haul 2017 Part One

Friday the 13th maybe unlucky for some! However, Lush have launched their valentines range into UK stores today. And my goodness have they prepared a colourful and wonderous range, they’ve really pushed the boat out. Last year was my first Valentine’s Day using lush products and the range was quite small last year. But, I have definitely noticed recently they’re offering far more products seasonally. They really do love washing our pockets dry! My haul consisted of seven products. The four bath bombs and three bubble bars in stores for everyone to enjoy! There is a fifth bath bomb, the infamous roller, available online and in Oxford Street, I will be getting some in the future! 

Here is my exciting haul! This is the range I’ve truthfully been most excited about ever. Lots of familiar faces here! Some returnees, some transfers and some all new products. 


Product Type:

Bath Bomb

Product Description:

Be still your beating heart with an opulent bathtime bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. This fantastically floral fizzer is full of uplifting bergamot, rose and violet leaf absolute, and its subtle sweetness is sure to melt your heart as it melts into your bathwater.

Key Ingredients:

Raspberry, Bergamot, Violet Leaf, Rose.



First Impressions:

First off is a new product. A pink heart designed to look like an arrow has been shot through it. This is the cheapest bath bomb they’re offering and is such a sweet smell. I can definitely pick up the raspberry, rose and bergamot, which makes it smell like jam. It’s adorable and looking forward to seeing it’s performance within the bath. 

Love Struck

Product Type:

Bubble Bar

Product Description:

Words can’t describe how much you love them, but emojis filled with lemon and geranium sure can. If you heart bubbles, crumble under running water – you’re sure to Like the result. Warning: These refreshing citrusy suds may make you feel Emoji-nal!

Key Ingredients:

Lemon, Geranium



First Impressions:

Another completely new product. I must say I’ve been waiting for lush to create a product based on an emoji, and it hasn’t taken long at all. This loved up bubble bar has such a nostalgic smell, it smells like a book I had when I was younger, no idea why a book smelt of lemon and geranium however it was a definite trip down memory lane. Looks like it’s gonna be an interesting one but this fella seems very happy! 

Over and Over

Product Type:

Bath Bomb

Product Description:

No it’s not all in your head. This enlivening cocoa butter coated lime and fennel oil bomb will perk you up and leave you thinking ‘bout it over and over again. Be mesmerised by its hypnotic rocking and rolling, as a vibrant citrus firework of pinks, oranges and golds unfurls into your bath.

Key Ingredients:

Lime, Fennel, Orris



First Impressions:

This one may look familiar! Over and Over first appeared at the Lush Creative Showcase, in the kitchen and later moving onto Lush Oxford Street. It looks pretty much identical to Never Mind the Ballistics but it’s orange instead of red. It also shares its basic design with roller, as in its a bath bomb dipped in bath melt. It’s a strong lime and fennel mix. I’m glad this has come out for the Valentine’s Range as I feel it’s one everyone should get to enjoy!


Product Type:

Bubble Bar

Product Description:

This friendly little ladybird wants to take you under its wing and run you a hot floral bath, filled with sweet geranium oil to aid relaxation. A little peppermint oil gives a menthol hint to this flowery mix, helping to revive and uplift mind and body as you soak. Go all out for mountains of cheery bubbles or save a little for next time.

Key Ingredients:

Geranium, Peppermint



First Impressions:

The Ladybird has flown over from its old home the Mother’s Day Range and has found a new home within the Valentine’s Range. This adorable creature has such an amazing scent, Geranium and Peppermint creates a real cocktail and is so tempting. I do feel this little guy has shrunk a little from his last appearance. However, products do differ as everything’s handmade. He’s one I must stock up on!

Rose Bombshell

Product Type:

Bath Bomb

Product Description:

Love is blind, which is a shame because this bombshell with a floral triplet of yellow rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil is an enthralling spectacle. As it fizzes, the outer shell breaks away and magnificent petals burst out in a sweet haze of Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oils.

Key Ingredients:

Rose, Geranium, Lemon



First Impressions:

Rose Bombshell also joined Ladybird on a move over to the Valentine’s Range from the Mother’s Day Range. One of my all time favourites has returned! A Rose jam scented bath bomb is all a Rose jam obsessed girl needs. It’s so delicately designed and hides a surprise within that gets you up close and personal with flowers. Rose Bombshell I think maybe better suited within the Valentine’s range. Also I noticed there seems to be a theme, Geranium everywhere this year!

Lover Lamp

Product Type:

Bath Bomb

Product Description:

However your V Day pans out, you can rely on this amorous organic cocoa butter embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin.
As vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil sweet nothings are whispered into your bathwater, cocoa butter hearts unfurl to envelop you in a romantic rendezvous – cleansing climax guaranteed. 

Key Ingredients:

Orange, Vanilla.



First Impressions:

Making a reappearance is the zesty Lover Lamp bath bomb. A white shell with red bath melts around, it smells similar to chocolate orange. I’m very happy this one has made a return. I only used one of these last year. And I can’t wait to use it again. I remember it being very softening. It’s definitely a very “Valentine’s Day” design. It’s a must try! 

Unicorn Horn

Product Type:

Bubble Bar

Product Description:

Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they’re not (don’t worry they definitely are) you won’t mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.

Key Ingredients:

Lavender, Neroli, Ylang Ylang



First Impressions:

For the third year on the trot; the rainbow unicorn horn has made a return. Featuring three of my favourite ingredients, it’s a relaxing and calming scent. I can see why this product is so popular, scents, design, colours. It’s a win on all counts. If you have never tried this bubble bar I insist you do. It keeps returning for a reason, because it’s so amazing. Lush wouldn’t be Lush if they discontinued this from the Valentine’s Range. 


Wow! What a jam packed post. I hope this contains all the information you need on this fantastic range.  And I hope this has swayed you into buying some of these fantastic products. I would appreciate if you followed my blog for future posts on these products and other lush products. Liking this post if you enjoyed it and leave a comment on what you thought. Also comment the Valentine’s items you’ll be purchasing! Follow my Instagram: @addictoflush

Thank you for reading!

Sweet with Nature Bath Cocktail

I’m already back with yet another bath cocktail. Last night I fancied a bath and was looking through the products I have. At the bottom of my bubble bar collection, I found my one and only ladybird bubble bar who has remained in his little lush bag he was popped in in store. I thought to myself, well he’s returning soon so I can use him up and buy fresh ones. And it all went from there. I have never ever been so excited to have a bath. This was the bath that emerged and what I was bouncing off the walls about. 

Space Girl Bath Bomb

Space Girl was only discontinued from the main line in 2015. It was popular amongst the lush community and has popped up in the lush kitchen since. Space Girl to me smells similar to Parma Violets, those little purple sweets that people either love or hate. Space Girl unfortunately is more commonly a dud and will sink as soon as it hits the water. I personally blame it’s shape. Usually, it’ll turn the bath a crystal purple colour, almost identical to blackberry bath bomb. It’s a very fast fizzer and can be a bit boring on its own. It’s more better suited to bath cocktails in my opinion. 

LadyBird Bubble Bar

The bubble bar that started the whole cocktail off. Released last year to tie in with the Mother’s Day Range. It’s one of the most adorable bubble bars lush has created to date. When I smelt it, it was certainly floral. And my guess was that it was geranium. As I go and refer to Jen’s blog (I do this to make sure I am correct with scents), I am correct, I guessed the specific flower. It is a sweet floral scent and I was absolutely shocked to discover it has peppermint oil in it? I personally couldn’t detect it but it must have done wonders because the scent really is beautiful. The water goes such a beautiful pinky red colour, i can’t actually explain how excited I was. The bubbles produced were so generous, especially for only half! I’m yet to officially review this item however I will when I obtain some fresh ones.

The Comforter Shower Cream

This was my soap choice for the bath, a beautifully sweet berry and vanilla scented concoction. First released as an Oxford Street Exclusive and later released in all stores. The comforter shower cream was a hit from the very start. It was known before in its shower gel format, something I’m desperate to get my hands on. And it’s more commonly recognised as a bubble bar. I do find with this Shower Cream that the consistency can be unpredictable, and it’s prone to separation. Bearing in mind the only bottles I have had are from very early batches so since could have been massively improved. It does lather well and the scent will linger on your skin. 

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

This was used to contribute to the bubbles. This is another Mother’s Day Exclusive. Last year Yummy Mummy was reformulated into a shower cream from a shower gel. It’s a strong strawberry and tonka mix and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It also has a sister shower gel called yummy yummy yummy however yummy mummy is by far the better of the two. I’ll speak more of its qualities as a shower cream when I do use it for its main purpose. But because I only used it for bubbles I’ll leave it there. 

American Cream Body Lotion

The afterbath was completed with this beautiful lotion. American Cream is a strawberry and vanilla milkshake scented product. Which also contains lavender. It’s more known as a very popular hair conditioner of the same name. This lotion really works well for the skin, giving it extra moisture. The scent takes a few minutes to really settle on the skin but will be noticeable. The American Cream Body Lotion is exclusive to the Lush Kitchen and has been very popular. This is another product I haven’t officially reviewed yet but will in the future. 

Bath Preparation

Firstly, I crumbled a quarter of the LadyBird bubble bar into the tub and then added some of The Comforter and Yummy Mummy Shower Creams for extra bubbles. The LadyBird did stain my hand a little bit however quickly washed away. As I ran the water and mixed the products together, the water quickly turned a strong pink colour and the smell was absolutely amazing, I was speechless. I imagined it as a really delicious alcoholic cocktail. After a short time I crumbled the other quarter of the bubble bar under the running tap.

Once the bath was run and I had gotten in: It was time to add space girl. As expected, she was a dud. And because of the existing bath colour, her colours weren’t as noticeable. If I’m quite honest I didn’t really pick up much of her scent either. But, it definitely made some differences.

Bathing Experience

This was one of the most amazing baths I’ve ever had. No word of a lie. The sweet and floral scents all coming together all really smelt of some amazing alcoholic cocktail. The main scents were Bergamot, strawberry, tonka and geranium. I was able to relax, enjoy a cider and catch up on a lot of posts on Instagram. After my bath, my skin was extra spoilt with the American Cream Body Lotion. LadyBird, the comforter and yummy mummy produced some wild bubbles. However my only let down was space girl, it didn’t shine through all the other products. I definitely think it made a little difference to the smell once added but you’d really have no idea it was in the bath. The bath was softening so that’s extra brownie points. Below I’m gonna rate everything and rate the bath as a whole. Some items have already been reviewed and rated but others haven’t so I will specify with “not official” as these ratings will be subject to change when I officially and specifically demo and review them. 

  • LadyBird Bubble Bar – 5/5 (not official)
  • Space Girl Bath Bomb – 3/5
  • The Comforter Shower Cream – 4/5 (not official)
  • Yummy Mummy Shower Cream – 4/5
  • American Cream Body Lotion – 4/5 (not official)
  • Scent Overall – 5/5
  • Bath Overall – 4.5/5

Wow what a jam packed post. I really enjoyed every aspect of making this bath happen and writing about it. If you enjoyed it please like and leave a comment. If any of you do try this cocktail then let me know either on here or my Instagram @addictoflush. 

Online Boxing Day Sale Haul

Okay, so the Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016 was definitely highly spoke about. 

The basic outline of it all was that there was no confirmed start time and there was loads of conflicting information from different sources. The website also had a queue system installed to manage the flow of traffic towards the site to keep it all running and to avoid crashes. 

However, a lot of people unfortunately took hours to get through onto the site due to glitches and other unforeseen reasoning. A lot of people missed out due to lack of communication and a fair system turning out to be unfair. The queue kept pausing for lots of people, sometimes for hours and some even unluckier people got bumped to the back of the queue when it was their turn. 

I went into store after a shift at work which was at around half two and managed to get some stuff in store. I’ve shared it on my Instagram page @addictoflush.

But later in the evening I wanted to see if I could possibly get through onto the website and if I did if there was anything I could purchase. 

I was in luck. 

I managed to get a small number of things. There was other things available however I had already bought quite a bit of stuff in store so I kept it minimal. And because I wanted to make an online order for a kitchen product I thought why not. Let’s have a closer look at what I purchased online. 

Never Mind The Ballistics

Firstly was Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb. A new addition for Christmas 2016, it’s a fruity blend, mostly orange to my nose, like fruit punch. This shares it’s design with the infamous Roller bath bomb. It’s a ballistic and half of it is dipped into bath melt, which adds an extra moisturising touch to the bath. 

Shoot for the Stars 

A very popular Christmas Bath Bomb got a makeover for 2016. Shoot for the Stars harbours the infamous Honey I Washed the Kids scent. And shares it with the recently discontinued Honey Bee bath bomb. I however feel like there is a slight scent difference between Honey Bee and Shoot for the Stars. There’s mandarin oil in it which I can pick up. I really disliked Honey Bee but enjoyed Shoot for the Stars. It’s bright blue with gold glittery bath melts within. So again, extra moisturising!

The Christmas Penguin

One of the most adorable Christmas 2016 products. The Christmas Penguin is a bubble bar that made a comeback after not returning in 2015. It’s part of The Olive Branch scent family. This one was known to have his nose fall off so a lot of the Penguins were missing their noses. I bought one earlier when the range came out but still yet to use him. He’s so adorable! I will definitely post about my experience with this little fella. He may even pop up in a future bath cocktail so keep your eyes peeled!

Shooting Stars

One of Lush’s popular Christmas soaps. This is a very citrusy lemon scent. I think it smells exactly the same as Whoosh Shower Jelly. The big blocks of this are purple with multi coloured stars. I got a piece with orange in. I am honestly not the biggest soap fanatic and actually own a few pieces but don’t really use them. As it was still available I thought why not, it’s pretty and has an amazing scent. 

Golden Wonder Gift Set

The pure excitement on my face when I saw that this was still available. Gift sets are the things that usually disappear first, especially in stores. However, Golden Wonder was still online in the evening. So I couldn’t say no, inside are two Christmas Bath Bombs. Golden Wonder and Stardust. 

It’s packaged in a beautiful gold paper and secured with a blue ribbon with gold and white stars. This small gift’s RRP is £9.95 however I got mine for £4.98. Even still at full price it was a perfect gift choice for any lushie who enjoys baths. 


I’m sure many of you noticed a kitchen product in the order? A product I was really hoping on getting from the kitchen was the Snowshowers Shower Jelly. It possesses the Celebrate scent, like Golden Wonder or Bubbly Shower Gel. It was the main reason what motivated me to go on the website Boxing Day evening. Once I saw there was some left I was able to then grab the other products within this haul. Snowshowers is a white jelly and it’s scent is strong. I’m looking forward to see how this performs in lathering. 


I received two samples, the Beautiful shower gel and the Hair Custard hair dressing. 

And finally…

This was in the biggest box I had ever received from lush. However, I had no idea it was on its way as Lush didn’t send me a dispatch email. Thankfully there was someone home and I got a big surprise when I was told it had come but that was lucky. I do understand that at this time of year that Lush have an overwhelming amount of orders however dispatch emails are so important as it provides tracking information and alerts you when it’s on its way. If there’s going to be no one home you have time to make arrangements for a neighbour for example to collect it. I think at this time of year especially that dispatch emails should be released as soon as they can be. I guarantee I’m going to get a dispatch email in the next few days. I did with my previous order which also didn’t have a dispatch email. 

Thank you for reading!