Recent Bath Cocktails

Okay so this post is gonna be a bit more word heavy than smothered with pictures.  Bath cocktails. Where do we start? Usually a bath cocktail will contain multiple products to produce a creative and exciting bath. Some people stick with a theme, or scent. Or go all out and stick all sorts of random... Continue Reading →


Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb 

It's that time of year again! The festive range has launched online and will be launching in stores on October 6th. So, let's start with a fresh face for 2017! Christmas Sweater is a red ballistic with two white reindeers on the top. It hides a golden secret in the middle! The main ingredients are... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb 

One of the cutest bath bombs available at the Summit. Yellow Submarine smells to me like piña colada, coconut and fruity. It's designed exactly like a submarine, being yellow in colour with a fragile pink rudder on the back.  Mine was quite battered and dusty, and I'm not surprised because it's a very fragile ballistic.... Continue Reading →

Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb 

Think it's time I started publishing reviews and information on products themselves. I was very lucky to be able to attend the Lush Summit 2017. There was a range of bath bombs available at the Summit exclusively.  One of which was the Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb. There is so very little information currently on... Continue Reading →

Lush Love and Kisses Gift Set

Hello all! Been far too long since my last post. I have some motivation to compose something else, so here goes! I snapped up one of the Valentine's gift sets considerably below RRP. I don't usually buy gift sets as I don't think they're very good value for money and would only buy them for... Continue Reading →

Lush Valentines Haul 2017 Part One

Friday the 13th maybe unlucky for some! However, Lush have launched their valentines range into UK stores today. And my goodness have they prepared a colourful and wonderous range, they've really pushed the boat out. Last year was my first Valentine's Day using lush products and the range was quite small last year. But, I... Continue Reading →

Sweet with Nature Bath Cocktail

I'm already back with yet another bath cocktail. Last night I fancied a bath and was looking through the products I have. At the bottom of my bubble bar collection, I found my one and only ladybird bubble bar who has remained in his little lush bag he was popped in in store. I thought... Continue Reading →

Online Boxing Day Sale Haul

Okay, so the Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016 was definitely highly spoke about.  The basic outline of it all was that there was no confirmed start time and there was loads of conflicting information from different sources. The website also had a queue system installed to manage the flow of traffic towards the site to... Continue Reading →

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